What is a Domain Name? How to Buy Domain Name? What is Registrar?

Welcome to thelearners.online. Today, we will learn about what is a domain name, what is domain name registrar parts of a domain name, different extension of a domain, difference between a domain and a URL and how can you buy/register a domain name.

What is a Domain Name ?

In most simple words, a Domain Name is a name of a website. If we see it technically, Domain Name is a set of certain words which points to an IP Address. All this is managed with the help of DNS(Domain Name System).

What is a Domain Registrar?

A domain name registrar is a business which reserves domain names as well as the IP addresses for those domain names. For example, domain name of Google is google.com and it’s IP address is Domain names make it easier to access websites without having to memorize and enter complex numeric IP addresses. 

Parts of a Domain Name

A Domain Name is made up of three parts: an extension (popularly known as top level domain or domain suffix) and a domain name (or IP address). Sometimes, it also contains a subdomain.

Different Extensions of A Domain Name

A Domain can have different extensions. Some of them are-

  • .com
  • .in (If you are building a website for Indian Citizens)
  • .net
  • .online
  • .org
  • .gov or .nic
  • .me
  • .xyz
  • .club
  • .live
  • and so on…..

In today’s world, many extensions of domain name have been developed but we should always buy .com, .in, .net and .online domains if possible as they are popular and accepted worldwide.

What is the difference between a domain name and a URL?

A URL (uniform resource locator) contains not only the domain name of a website but also the transfer protocol and the path. For example, in the URL ‘https://cloudflare.com/learning/’, ‘thelearners.online’ is the domain name, while ‘https’ is the transfer protocol (http or https) and ‘/learning/’ is the path to a specific post or page stored on the website.

How to Buy a Domain Name?

We can buy domains from many domain name companies or domain name registrar. We have listed some of the most popular domain name companies below :

  • Namecheap
  • Hostinger
  • Bigrock
  • Hostgator
  • GoDaddy

For building a website, a domain name alone is not sufficient. A website also requires a web hosting . I have already written about what is web hosting, so if you don’t know what is web hosting, click here.

Some hosting providers provide free domain names for 1 year along with their hosting. One of them is Hostinger. So, when you start a website for the first time, you get double banefit. Isn’t it ?

Buying Domain Name By Bigrock

For buying a domain name from bigrock.in, follow the below instructions.

1) Go to bigrock.in.

2) Type the domain which you want to buy.

3) Choose the domain extension which you want to buy. Click on Buy Now.

4) Click on Checkout.

5) Choose the time period and additional information. Give the coupon code if you have. Click on Next.

6) Sign in or sign up.

7) Pay the required amount. In my case, it is ₹471.

And you are all done. You have successfully registered a domain name for your website using Bigrock.

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