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The more you walk, the more you are fresh and healthy. Walking is a form of exercise. It is an effective exercise. It should be daily practised by everyone. Some people walk very slowly and leisurely. But quick and smart walking serves as a very good exercise.

The early hours of the morning and the evening are the best time walking. In the early morning, fresh air is available. While walking, fresh air should be inhaled. In the evening too, Nature is quiet. At that time a long walk along a solitary road is very pleasant. The open fields, riversides and solitary roads are the ideal places for walking. The open fields supply fresh air which gives strength and makes the lungs clean.

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Walking is an effective exercise. Walking is especially necessary for people who work in offices. Unless they walk every day, they cannot have good health. It is often noticed that such persons suffer from various troubles. Their digestive system is often out of order. They fall easy prey to various diseases. Hence such persons should walk regularly. The pleasures one enjoys while walking are beyond description. The beautiful sight of the countryside gives real joy to the walkers. Birds chirp and Twitter on the branches of trees in the morning and evening. Their fluty notes fill us with unspeakable joy and pleasure. Real joy can be had only in the objects of Nature. The bloomed flowers and their sweet fragrance led a great charm to the walkers.

If a person walks alone, he can reflect on the different aspects of life. He can watch the beauties of Nature. A person learns lessons if he walks in the company of his friends. Walking tours should be organised. Walking serves as a tonic to the young and old alike. A journey on foot takes more time but it is very pleasant. We enjoy varieties of scenes in the way of our free choice. A walking tour gives us the direct knowledge of many things which we cannot have on a journey by train. It also makes us smart and hardworking.

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