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Summer Vacation 10 lines For Children

  1. Summer vacation is the moment of summertime fun for the children when schools are closed and there are no studies.
  2. It is one of the happiest moments for children as they get a long holiday from their studies.
  3. It is the time to visit native places and other tourist places.
  4. All schools and colleges announce summer vacations due to extreme temperatures.
  5. Children pass their time by playing various games and enjoying themselves with their friends and neighbours.
  6. Children also join various courses and extracurricular activities during summer vacations.
  7. Schools also give summer vacation assignments to the students so that they stay close to their studies.
  8. It also gives a chance for the children to enhance their creativity by joining various vocational courses.
  9. Nowadays, different organizations and NGOs arrange summer camps for students.
  10. Summer vacation is considered the best time in the life of students as they get a long break from studies after the exam and enjoy it to the fullest extent.

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Short Summer Vacation Essay 150 Words

Summer vacation is the time period when schools and other institutions remain closed due to high temperatures in the summer months. Kids enjoy it a lot as they get holidays for about one and a half months. Kids spend their vacations engaging in various activities like swimming, dancing, singing etc. which they cannot do during their school time due to a shortage of time. Summer camps are also held in schools and kids can learn many things by joining these camps.

Students get a lot of time to cover the syllabus and to improve the subject in which they are weak. They get a lot of time to spend with their family. Some even go out for trips to different places while some go to meet their relatives. It is the best time to spend with near and dear ones. Summer vacation is whatever students wait for. It helps them to get out of the boring routine and do something interesting.

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Summer Vacation 10 lines
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