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Student life begins from the time when a boy is put in school and lasts up to the time when he enters into worldly affairs. This period prepares a man to stand on his own legs. It is like a gem in the ring. It is the foundation upon which the structure of the whole building of life rests. If the foundation is weak, the whole building will be weak. So it is very essential to make the foundation strong. This is the period when the seed of moral character and behaviour is sown. If this period is neglected, the whole life is ruined. So, this period of life should be handled properly.

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A school is a character-moulding place. At home, boys get everything ready where they are unduly cared for and loved. There even their faults are either neglected or overlooked. There are parents, elder brothers and the other members of the family who do not punish them for their fault. Hence, the character
cannot be built up in homes only. The parents are unable to coach their boys themselves. So they are sent to schools. The teachers are their taskmasters. They punish the students if they commit any wrong. Sometimes they take a stiff attitude. if any student fails in his task. In this way, they are made cautious of their dealings. There also, have to be well-disciplined. Thus their character is moulded there. The teachers are, so to say, the character-builders.

Student life is the period of formation. The minds of the students are just like the clay which can be moulded in any shape, as one likes. Habits formed in this period are difficult to change. This period is best suited to the building of character and making preparation for the battle of life.
It is a very valuable period for the students. They acquire knowledge and develop their moral strength and character. If this period is properly utilized, success in a future life is sure. If a student neglects this period, he has to repent for his whole life. The guardians and parents should keep an eye on their wards. If control is gone, students feel free and misuse their valuable time. They lose their characters instead of building them. Hence, control is very necessary.

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