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Essay on Ambition of My Life

Ambition puts a person into action. Every person has some ambition in his life. A man without ambition is like a ship without a rudder. If a person has no ambition, he may not work hard. He has no hurry. He lives a life of leisure. But if he has some ambition to achieve, he will be up and doing. He will direct all his energy to reach the goal, he has in view.

All noble achievements have been made by men of ambition. If Mahatma Gandhi did not think about freedom, India would not have achieved her freedom from the foreign rule. The discoveries of many lands and seas have been made by men of ambition. Marco Polo, Captain Cook Columbus and a host of other explorers were men of ambition. This is why I appreciate ambitious persons. Like other ambitious persons, I also cherish ambition in my life. My ambition is to become a doctor.

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I take the profession of a doctor to be a very noble one. A doctor gives relief to a suffering person. A person restless with pain is made to smile with a dose of medicine by a doctor. There are numerous diseases that affect mankind. They make life miserable. But for the diseases, the cup of man’s life would have been sweet. A doctor cures his bodily ailments. So the calling of a doctor is sacred. A doctor earns money as well as a good name. A doctor who charges a very low fee for his call can earn enough to make his life happy. He also earns the love and respect of the patients.

A kind and good doctor is adored as an angel. I want to be an ideal doctor and do not hanker so much after money as after true service to man. A doctor gives relief to a suffering person. I shall not charge any fee to poor patients. I will give medicine free to the poor and needy people and shall set up a clinic of my own where I shall treat some patients. We shall behave with our patients very nicely. I desire to carry on research in the science of medicine. There are many diseases for which no medicine has yet been found. The fruit of my research will enrich medical science. This is the ambition of my life. I do not know if this is going to materialize. The ambition is keeping up my spirit and is driving me to vigorous action.

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