INFORMAL LETTER | A Letter to your friend telling him how you saved a life

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L- 567
September 1, 2022
My dear Uncle
Yours Loving


Question -:

Write a letter to your friend telling him how you saved a life.


6/78 Model Town
August 5, 2022, Delhi

My dear Aman

You will be glad to know that yesterday I performed a brave act when I saved a drowning child.

Yesterday, while I was returning home after visiting my uncle, I saw a child being carried away by the swift current of the stream that washes our city. I wasted no time and, taking off my clothes, at once jumped into the stream. I caught hold of the child by the leg and slowly swam to the river bank.

The child was unconscious. The first aid tips we received at school came to my help. I lay him on the ground and started pressing his back. Water came out of his mouth. I then tried to give him artificial respiration. After about fifteen minutes, my efforts bore fruit and the child started showing signs of recovery.

In the meanwhile, the child’s parents also arrived at the scene. They were delighted to see their Son alive and thanked me for saving his life. This was a deed that gave me absolute inner satisfaction.

Convey my sincerest regards to my uncle and aunt.

Yours sincerely
Angel Bansal

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