How paraphrasing is helpful for bloggers? Blogging Tips

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is the act of rewriting content created by another person in your own words so that the original idea of the article is not compromised. 

Paraphrasing is a technique used as an alternative to quote and cite. It is considered the cleanest way to create content based on old inputs without committing plagiarism. Paraphrasing is not an easy job. It can take up to years of practice to master this skill if you want to learn how to paraphrase the content. 

The tools that can help you with automatic paraphrasing should completely read this content. 

How to paraphrase in five simple steps?

If you want to learn the easiest route in paraphrasing, then you should read these five steps!

Read the copied content several times!

The first step in paraphrasing is to analyze the content based on creating a new output. The expert suggestion is to read the passage more than two times to understand the main idea of the content. Once you understand the client’s main idea, you can stop reading it and move towards the next step. We would suggest you do the reading in a peaceful environment so that you are not disturbed in the analysis process. If you analyze the content in detail and with full concentration, you would easily get help in the writing steps.

Note down the key concepts!

In paraphrasing, you must be focusing on the key points of the original content. You must understand that doodling down the key points, and the concepts are especially important. It can help you get a better idea of what you have to write in your version. You can also take a different approach to explain the key concepts which would make your version even more attractive. You can write these key points when you are reading the content in the first place. In this way, you would focus on these concepts when you are going through the content in the next few times!

Write your version without looking at the old one!

You can never paraphrase professionally if you are constantly taking help from the original passage. There should be no doubt about it. You must know that after reading and writing the main points, you have to put away the original passage and do not let it come near you while you are in the process of creation. When you are writing your version, you can take help from the notes you have created in the imagination. The more you be yourself in the process of creating the better your version would get.

Compare your version with the old one after creation!

This is an important step in content writing and paraphrasing. When you have created your version, you must compare it with the source to easily help yourself make minor adjustments in the content and remove the traces of plagiarism if you find any. You can compare the content manually, and you can also use the plagiarism checker tools to make a valid comparison. If you use a plagiarism checker tool, then you can also find out traces of accidental plagiarism in your article. 

Cite the source!

Paraphrasing would no doubt remove all sorts of plagiarism from your content. Still, it is only morally correct to cite the content you have taken help from. The citation can help you stay clean, especially if you get into any legal troubles!

Using modern technology for paraphrasing!

Suppose you don’t want to waste time learning paraphrasing and manually writing new content. In that case, you can take help from modern paraphrasing tools. There are hundreds of article spinner tools available on the web. Still, not all of them are reliable for creating reader-friendly content. The tool mentioned below would help you create not unique but also understandable content. 

Paraphrasing Tool by 

This paraphrasing online tool is one of the most modern tools found on the internet these days. The tool uses ENL and artificial intelligence to create new content based on old and duplicate inputs. You must know that this is a free and friendly tool that can be used without expertise and skills.

You have to enter the copied content in the input box and press the ‘paraphrase’ button to start the spinning process. The tool would first analyze the content and then refer to its database for similar articles. After collecting enough data, the tool would start doodling new content in the output box. This paraphrasing tool can create plagiarism free and reader plus seo friendly content. 

You can spin the minimum 50 and maximum of 2000 words in one go with this paraphrasing tool, which is a big plus. You can spin the same input an infinite amount of times and get different results every time. It can be used on all digital devices if you have a browser on them!

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