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Short Essay on Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is my favourite time of the year as it gives me a chance to relax and explore new things. My summer vacation was big fun and I enjoyed every moment of it. This summer, I visited my native village which is quite a distance from the city. I went to my grandparent’s place in Meethapur village for the last summer vacation. My brother accompanied me.

We stayed at our grandparent’s house for almost one and a half months. I love spending time with them. Staying in a village for so many days was an amazing experience. Every morning, my grandmother used to prepare a nice breakfast for us. After having our breakfast, we used to go to our uncle’s farm and play. Many times, we helped our uncle in plucking the vegetables. My uncle had a pet which was a rabbit. We played with him for hours. It was very sweet and lovely. We went to the seashore many times along with our uncle. At the seashore, we made sandcastles, caught some shells and fish and played on the shore.

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After our dinner, our grandfather used to tell us nice stories. We used to fall asleep while listening to the stories. Our grandparents had also taken us to the nearby markets and tourist places. We had purchased many things to surprise our grandparents. We had also gone to a water park and we all enjoyed it very much there. Since I am foody, I enjoyed every bite of the food we had ordered at the water park.

My previous summer vacation was among the best vacations I had in my life till now. Its memories will always stay fresh in my mind.

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