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India is a very big country. Its population also is large. India is second only to China in population. Here a child is born every fourteen seconds. India is an over-populated-a nation with more than 130 crore people. Its population is still growing very fast. India’s overpopulation is the root cause of many problems. Our money for development is used on food. If we want to make life happy, we have to check this rapid population growth. Many of our social and economic problems are caused by over-population.

We are poor largely because of over-population and have a large family today. We will have a larger family tomorrow. It is a problem for the head of the family. It is a problem for the country, too. The government has to arrange for food. It has to spend more on education and needs to set up more hospitals. It has to look after children because they are the future citizens of the country. The larger is the population, the bigger is the job problem. No government can solve it easily. The government creates jobs. But the population grows faster.

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The problem of unemployment is taking a serious turn. We have to spend money on the welfare of people and cannot ignore this problem of the ever-rising population. We have to solve this problem. All the citizens must cut down the size of the family. We should not have more than one child. The birth rate must be slowed down. Birth control methods should be followed. Family Planning Schemes must be made popular and acceptable. We have to educate people about it. The government is spending a huge amount of money on family planning. But we need to make family planning part of our life. Thus, the problem of the population can be tackled on a war footing.

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