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Cleanliness Essay Writing

A person with a clean and tidy dress creates a very favourable impression on us. ‘Cleanliness is godliness’ so goes the is the sign of a polished person. A person with a dirty look about him cannot be lovable in any society. The character of conduct can produce its effects later but cleanliness impresses us at the first sight. Cleanliness should be observed in our food, drink, dress and habitation. Many people are punctilious about their dress but they care little for the cleanliness of their food and drink. This is not desirable. It is our food and drink which build up our body. Dirty food or drink poisons the system and causes many diseases. The food we eat should be clean and free from filth or dirt. It should not be exposed to invite flies and other harmful bacteria.

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The dress comes next to food and drink. Our dress need not be gaudy. It should be neat and clean. It should be properly washed now and then. When boiled in hot water it becomes free from dirt and many harmful germs. If we wash our clothes daily with our own hands, we have a very clean dress to wear. It is cheaper and can ensure better cleanliness.

The house in which we live should be clean. All the furniture, tables, chairs etc. may be swept every day to keep them clean. The house should be cleaned and all rubbish be swept out every day. It is with good reason that our Hindu housewives clean their houses and courtyards every day in the early morning. Many people would throw away the stumps of cigarettes, they smoke on the floor. This is also a dirty habit. The rubbish in the house should be kept in a tub meant for it. We should spit or throw the stumps of cigarettes in a spittoon. This can help us to keep the house clean.

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The surroundings of the house should be equally clean. Drains should be cleaned every day. The washroom should also be cleaned, otherwise, it will give out a foul smell and poison the air. In the countryside, foolish people ease themselves in the adjoining fields. This makes the fields dirty and the air foul. People may dig a pit and void excreta into it. When the pit is full, it may be covered with soil. This can serve a double purpose. The surroundings of the village will remain clean and the excreta will turn into very good manure. In the towns, the cleanliness of a person very much depends upon others. In villages, people can observe cleanliness themselves, if they are keen about it.

Cleanliness not only helps us to keep good health but also keeps us cheerful. A neat and clean man takes greater joy and zest in his everyday work than a dirty man. It also makes us fit for moving into a polished society. It creates good and favourable ideas in the minds of others. The habit of cleanliness should be picked up in the early stage of life. Mothers should be careful about instilling the habit of cleanliness in their children. Once it is learnt, it lingers all the life.

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