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An Indian Farmer – Essay Writing

An Indian farmer is the epitome of our age-old human- civilization. He is a simple man with no show about him. His dress is plain. He wears a dhoti That hangs up to the knee. The rest of his body is naked. He has a piece of cloth called Angochhato wrapped around his head. His food is extremely simple.

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It is not wholesome. He does not get his meal every day. Sometimes he lives on a handful of grams. What a pity! He lives in a house that is thatched with straw. The walls are made of mud. The floor is not plastered. In the rains, the roof leaks and makes his life miserable. His house is dirty. Perhaps he does not know how to keep his house neat and clean.

He is simple at heart. A cunning man can easily deceive him. He earns his bread by the sweat of his brow. A farmer works under the sun and in the shower. He labours all the year round in his small bits of land. He depends solely upon the monsoon. If the monsoon is favourable, crops grow well. if the monsoon fails. He is ruined. He has to starve for the whole year.

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His daily routine of life is dull. He is up in the early hours of the morning. He feeds his cattle. A farmer takes his oxen and plough to his field. If he is rich he can engage a labourer to plough his field. He takes his mid-day meal at his field. He comes home at dusk weary and tired. A farmer takes his supper and goes to bed. He Sleeps peacefully for the whole night. He hardly gets time to love his wife and children.

His life is extremely deplorable. He has no joy in his life. A farmer always suffers from want. He cannot make both ends meet with his poor income. He lives from hand to mouth. If we want to improve his lot, we have to do a good deal for him. He should get enough water for his fields. He should get good seeds and manure. Then only his farm can yield enough to support him. His children should get a free school to go to. He should get free medicine if he is ill. He should get leisure to enjoy life.

His place in society is very important. He feeds all classes of people. He should get greater care at our hands. Fortunately, the National Government of our Country is doing some time for him but this is not enough. Let us all try to make his lot happier.

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