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Rising early is nice for human beings. It is said that “early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” By rising early we get lots of benefits. In other words, we have some extra time and we can get time to plan for our whole day. A late riser is always a sufferer. An early riser gets many things that a late riser will surely miss. Early rising is very necessary for the proper growth of our body. The early morning is the best part of the day. An early riser gets Pure and fresh air which is very useful for health. A morning walk is refreshing and pleasant. It gives strength to the body and freshness to the mind. An early riser may take walks or do physical exercise. So early rising has its importance both for the body and for the mind.

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Early rising is the secret of health. In order to rise early, we have to go to bed early. This habit will give us everything. Early rising gives us health. After early rising, we must go out for a walk. The air is fresh and soothing. Fresh air is the queen of medicines and the beauty of Nature is the best of tonics. The music of birds and the smell and colour of flowers give us the nicest kind of feast. Early rising gives us wealth too. A nation’s wealth lies not in gold or silver. Health is the best wealth. Health is a great asset. If you are healthy, you can easily produce wealth. Everything will taste well if you are healthy. This great asset can be easily achieved if we rise early in the morning and walk by the river-side or in the open field.

There is another advantage of early rising. An early riser gets enough time for his work before other men have gotten up. At that time his mind is fresh and free from all cares and anxieties. The whole atmosphere is silent and pleasant. There is not much disturbance or noise in the early hours. Besides, work done at that time is generally well done. A late riser does not get enough time to do his work well. So an early riser does more work than a later riser.

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Besides health and wealth, early rising provides us wisdom too. Our bodies and mind are fresh in the morning. So our mind receives things very quickly. We understand clearly whatever we read. Early morning is the best time for studying. It is an ideal time for the study of Nature too. Nature is the best teacher and it teaches us best early in the morning. Our great Rishis and Maharishis used to rise early in the morning. Hence they could achieve much and contribute much to the coming generations. Great men, like Mahatma Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru, used to rise early in the morning. As a result, they could think much and contribute much to us.

An early riser goes to bed early. He sleeps well. But a late riser has to continue his work till late hours. An early riser has a long time for rest and Pleasure in the evening. But a late riser is restless all the time. He has to hurry up to finish his work. Besides an early riser gets sleep several hours before midnight. It is said that an hour of sleep before midnight is equal to two hours of sleep after it. An early riser is always in better health than a late riser.

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