Diary Entry Sample

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Sample of Diary Entry

Ques.- Write a diary entry, expressing your feelings when you heard that your school trip has been cancelled.

Ans. Friday
2nd August 2022
9:00 p.m.

Disappointing day today, very very disappointing !!! Our outstation trip was cancelled. Can you imagine anything more awful? I am feeling completely devastated.

we were supposed to go to Jim Corbett National park. All of us were looking forward to the most exciting four days of our lives. We were planning and dreaming of sighting the tigers, elephants, jackals, crocodiles, deers and other wild animals. We had made many plans and had arranged the cameras to shoot these animals. One of my friends had even promised me he is Canon DSNL. How thrilling it would have been! But all plans washed out in a moment! The rains played spoiled sport. It has been raining continuously for a week and the met department says that the rains will not stop for another week. Our class teacher has a funny sense of humour. She said that we should look toward the brighter side of this situation. We will sit in the comfort of our homes and will watch our favourite TV shows with our families. I only wish I could go on the trip.


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