Diary Entry Format | How to Write a Diary Entry

Welcome to thelearners.online. Today, we have provided a Diary Entry Format in English. I hope that this Diary Entry helps you in your school examinations. You may also check the notice writing provided by us here.

Diary Entry Rules

A diary entry (writing) is a very personal form of writing. There are no hard and fast rules for writing a diary for writing in an examination, the question on the diary entry tests your creativity, imagination and expressions. A diary entry should include the following in its format.

  1. Date, Day and time of the diary entry
  2. A suitable heading
  3. Contents (body of diary entry)
  4. Signature
  5. Avoid writing the things which are very common and happen every day.


Diary Entry EXAMPLE

Ques- you are Angel Bansal of class 8th today you witnessed some students littering the corridors and fields of your school. you are very disappointed at that site. Make a diary entry about how you felt.

Ans- Monday
1 August 2022
4 pm

I am very sad today. During recess time, I saw a group of students littering on the school premises. They littered the corridors with plastic bags, foils, wrappers etc. It was a very disappointing sight. I told them repeatedly to not litter and use the dustbin but they did not listen to my advice. Not just this, even the playing field behind the classrooms was not spared by them. It looked no less than a garbage dump. I failed to understand how anyone can be so ignorant about his actions and their consequences. I feel disgusted that our environment has to suffer because of our bad habits. I wish I could do something about it. I planned to drop a letter in the suggestion box for the appointment of prefects to keep a check and ensure a clean environment at school. I hope things will get better due to my suggestions.


I hope that this diary entry in English would have helped you.

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