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A visit to an Exhibition – Essay Writing

A large number of things are sold and bought in exhibitions. Most of us might have visited the exhibition. Exhibitions are local fairs. Some exhibitions have national importance. The aim of a national exhibition is to show the progress of a nation in different fields. I also visited an exhibition last month. It was held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. An exhibition has many advantages. Firstly, it serves the purpose of advertisement. Secondly, it is a fine source of recreation. Thirdly, it has some educative value also. It gives us information about many new things. An exhibition is also a centre of business. These days many national and international exhibitions are held. They serve many purposes, they attract many people.

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We left our hostel at 1 p.m. We reached the place at half-past four. we brought tickets. There was a big rush at the gate. We were lucky that there were some special programmes on that day. There were a large number of shops inside. There were newly built roads at the exhibition. Every part of the exhibition was neat and clean. First of all, we went to toy shops. We saw different kinds of toys. Some of us bought a few of them for our brothers and sisters.

Then we went to the cloth market. Then, we moved on to the agricultural section. It was an important part of the exhibition. We found a number of farmers trying to learn about some new things meant for farming. The guide of the section explained to them the new method of farming. We saw new types of gadgets and machines. Then we went to bookstalls. I bought a few books by Tagore and Premchand. When we went ahead, we saw the magic show. It was an important centre of attraction. There was a big gathering at the gate. We enjoyed the show and we were really pleased to see all that.

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By that time, it had grown dark. The entire exhibition was lighted. Bulbs of different sizes and colours were hung from trees. Thus the whole exhibition looked like a city of light. We had tea and samosa one of the tea stalls. At last, we returned to our hostel at 9 p.m. l enjoyed it very much.

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