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Women have to play an important role in the development of the country. If we want to make democracy successful, women must be educated. Knowledge is Power. It gives the power of realization. It gives us the power of understanding. Knowledge comes through education. Every individual has the right to get an education. Sex makes no difference. Women, therefore, should have the same facilities. If men are entitled to get an education, women also have every right to get it. 

In ancient India during the Vedic age, women were given education in the same way as men. It was during the Muslim period that women began to be kept in “Strict Purdue”. Neither were their proper arrangements nor did the parents dare to send their daughters out to receive an education. During the freedom struggle, it was realised by the leaders that without the active participation of women in the freedom movement, India would never have become free. Since then the necessity of educating women has been increasingly felt. They are the builders of happy homes. It is in their laps that the children receive their first lesson. As the mothers are, so will the children be. Moreover, certain professions are most suitable to the nature of women.

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Women make the best nurses. Primary education can be given only by women. There are many other professions in which women can play a more important part. So, we have given up our conservative outlook. The need for female education was never so great as it is today. We all know that we are free today.  In remote areas of our country, there are still some People having conservative ideas. Their old ideas never allowed the girls to be educated. They thought it beyond their prestige to educate their daughters. But now such ideas will lead the country to downfall in all spheres. All now accept the necessity of giving education to women. 

There are differences of opinion on the type of education which should be given to them. Indeed, it is a very important issue.  Should boys and girls be given the same kind of education? Or, should there be different types of education for boys and girls? If we decide to give a different type of education to girls. then of what type should, it be?  These are the questions that must be answered. Wrong education can cause greater harm to our girls.  Women should be given a different education from boys. Women have to discharge their duties as good mothers. Their education should be such as may enable them to run their homes efficiently and make them good mothers. Their spheres of activity are entirely different from those of man. So must be their education.

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Another question is whether there should be coeducation or not. Opinions differ widely on this issue. Some favour it, while others strongly oppose it. But the truth lies in between these two extremes. Boys and girls may be educated together in primary and University classes. But co-education in high school and inter classes is full of dangers. We must take full advantage of co-education as well as safeguard ourselves against its evil effects. This will be the best policy for giving education to women.

Now women are taking part in running the administration of the country in many parts of the world. In our country too, many women are participating. Our former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi may be cited as an example in this context. At present, we have the example of Sonia Gandhi, Kiran Bedi, Nirupama Rao, Sushma Swaraj and many more. But without education women cannot co-operate with men in political fields. It is a happy thing for us that we have come to understand the value of female education. India cannot progress unless its sons and daughters are educated. They are to fulfil different purposes in life. But education should not make them sophisticated. Educated women must recognize the dignity of labour.

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