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Waiting for a Train – Essay writing

A platform is an interesting place. It presents different kinds of scenes. Waiting for a train is also a kind of experience. The whole atmosphere is lively on the platform. Some beggars sing religious songs and go on begging. Some people are on the benches. Many others are either moving about, standing or gossiping. A man who waits for the train enjoys the scenes at the station.

Waiting in a waiting room has its own pleasure. Comfortable chairs, benches and desks make the passengers proud in the first-class waiting room. There are office rooms at the station. But waiting for a train is dull at times. An intelligent man makes his dull time pleasant. He enjoys scenes of different parts of the station. Booking offices present a nice scene.

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A second class booking office is generally overcrowded before the arrival of a train. At times pick-pockets are active at the station. Waiting for trains is a troublesome task on winter nights. It is a boring thing even during the rains. But a child is always happy be it a cold night or a rainy day. He runs, jumps and looks at new things at the station. He sometimes asks for sweets and sometimes for other things. But elderly people look worried while they wait for the train.

A man waiting for a train has his eyes fixed on the signal. He often goes to the enquiry office for information regarding the train. He gets ready to board the train when it is about to arrive at the platform. Those who are late for the train are found running to catch it. The scene on the platform becomes still more interesting when the train stops. The door of the compartment is overcrowded by incoming and outgoing passengers. Everyone wants to finish his job first. Thus waiting for a train gives different kinds of old men, young men and children.

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