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People travel to visit new lands and places. Travelling does not mean visiting towns and villages near our home. Travelling means going from one place to another for sightseeing. Man always wants to know his fellowmen. He satisfies his desire by travelling. We cannot enjoy travel if we travel with divided attention. A man, therefore. should save some time out of his busy life for enjoying travelling in the real sense. It gives pleasure when we are free from cares and anxieties.

Change is the salt of life. Human Nature wants diversity. Routined life makes life dull and dreary. Constant residence in one place is monotonous. Travelling removes this monotony. It gives relish to life. It invigorates the body and enlivens the mind. We see ancient temples, architecture, hills, forests, rivers and falls. We enjoy sightseeing.

Travelling in older days was always full of risks. There was a constant fear of thieves and robbers. People had to travel on foot. They also used elephants horses and camels for convenience. Travelling by boat was all the riskier. But now things have changed. Means of transport have undergone a revolution. The introduction of the steam engine has made travelling safe and quick. It has become very cheap and less risky now. Railway trains, motor cars, steamships and aeroplanes have become the important means of transport. They are very comfortable too.

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Travelling has much educational value also. It imparts practical knowledge. We get first-hand knowledge of a place by travelling. We see new lands and mix with their people and get to know about their customs and manners. It adds to our knowledge and also broadens our outlook. It removes our prejudices about other people. Travelling makes us tolerant and more civilized. It gives us pleasure and teaches us many good things.

There is no limit to travelling. It all depends on man’s resources. A man travels according to his own means. Wealthy persons can make extensive tours. But every man should see at least all the parts of his country because it brings the people of different parts of the country nearer to one another. It promotes cultural unity. It is a matter of satisfaction that the importance of travelling is being greatly realised day by day. Educational trips are becoming very common now.

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