Best Essay on The Spring Season in English

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Spring Season – Essay Writing

India is the only land on this earth to have bestowed with six seasons. Spring is one of them which is the most charming of all the seasons. There are lotuses in water. Many kinds of flowers blossom. Bees hum around the flowers. The climate is equable. Morning is pleasant. Evening is comfortable. It is neither too hot, nor too cold. The day is refreshing. Plants look green. Nature looks charming and delightful.

The spring season comes after the winter season. The change of season is caused owing to the revolution of the earth round the sun. The sun is at the equator and there is almost equal days and nights all over the world. At the advent of the spring season, the entire earth assumes a new beauty.
The climate becomes temperate. The earth looks green. New leaves adorn the trees. The sun shines brightly. The morning hours are very charming. Different kinds of birds sing sweet songs. The melodious tune of the cuckoo is very pleasing to the ear. Different kinds of flowers grow. Nature appears colourful. This is why poets have sung praises of this season. It is considered the king of all seasons.

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Many important festivals fall in this season. The seasons begins with Basant Panchami. People worship Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning. Then they have Mahashivratri Puja. Everywhere people, especially women celebrate the marriage of Shiv and Parvati. They worship them. Holi is the climax of the festival. People dance, sing and make merriments. They enjoy goods and rare dishes. They sprinkle coloured water. The farmers begin harvesting crops in the season. They prepare their land for the next crop also. The charm of the spring cannot be described adequately. It is beyond description.