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Strikes are very common now. Workmen of railways, post-offices, mills and factories strike work. Even teachers and lecturers go on strike. It is difficult to say if any service is free from it. There are various causes of a strike. Workmen make some demands. If the demands are not met by the authority, strikes are resorted to. Workmen leave their work and mills and factories are closed down for some time. When the demands are fulfilled, workmen resume their work.

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There is another cause of a strike. Owing to the rising cost of food and cloth, the cost of living has become very high. Workmen cannot make both ends meet with their poor wages. So they demand an increment in their wages. If this is not made, they resort to strike. Sometimes the demands of the workers are genuine. But more often they make improper demands which cannot be met. Sometimes workers of some political party of the country excite the ignorant workers to resort to strike. They exploit the ignorance of the poor workers for their political ends.

When there is a strike in a mill or factory, the mill or factory stops its work. It does not produce cloth, sugar and other essential things of life. This causes great hardship to the people in general. There is a scarcity of essential things. Prices of such things go up. People badly suffer. Sometimes rowdy scenes are also created. Workmen break the law and order. There is disorder. The police come to maintain peace. Sometimes the rowdy people are arrested in extreme cases the police have to open fire on the unruly mob. Many lives are lost. The strike causes a great loss to the nation. The progress of industries is arrested. The normal life of the citizens of the country is upset.

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The Government should have a permanent committee to see whether the demands of the workmen are right or wrong. If they are right, the men in power should be compelled to fulfil them. If the demands are improper, the strikers should be brought to book. You can have no stable peace in the country if everyone takes the law into his own hands. Rowdyism has to be checked at all costs. The persons who pull the wire from behind and excite innocent people to do acts of lawlessness must be hunted out. They should be dealt with severely. After all, strikes recoil on the strikers themselves. They remain unemployed for some time. They have to starve. Good sense should dawn on our workmen. They deserve our support and sympathy. The comforts of our lives depend on them. But when they take to acts of lawlessness they forfeit our sympathy.

Strikes observed by students carry no sense. The interest of the employer and the employees very often clash. So strikes are resorted to by workmen to safeguard their rights and interests. But the interests of the teachers and the taught are the same. A pupil goes to school or college for the growth of his mind and heart. The duty of the teacher is to help in the growth of his pupil’s mind and character. If a teacher neglects this primary duty he is not worth the salt. So a student strike is not to be called for. Strikes should be resorted to only in most extreme cases. If not, it will give a fatal blow to the progress of the country.

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