A Scene in an Examination Hall Essay

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On the examination day, students are very punctual. They get out of their homes or hostels quite early. They hurry up and reach the examination centre much before the time. All the students get busy trying to find out their seats. The examinees discuss the possible questions with one another. Before the final bell rings, the invigilator comes in. They distribute the answer sheets. The examinees write down their names and roll numbers. Some boys try to make a last-minute revision.

Then the final bell rings. Some students look sad, and some look excited. The invigilators hurry up. They distribute the question papers. After reading question papers, some become happy while some look disturbed. Many boys look here and there. Then they settle down and start writing. As the examination progresses, invigilators move about. Some boys are busy writing while a few others try to consult their neighbouring candidates. Some boys try to take out slips containing answers while some boys ask for water or extra sheets of paper.

The fixed time of three hours approaches its end. Some examinees go on writing while others revise their answers. The closing bell rings. Some examinees submit their answer books. Some of them still go on writing. Invigilators collect the answer sheets. After the exam is over, some boys look happy while others are unhappy. Some are trying to compare their answers with others, and a prolonged discussion about the question paper takes place.

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