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The habit of never being late is known as punctuality. A gentle and sincere person forms the habit of never being late. He works everything on time and avoids the habit of being late. So this punctuality forms the habit of doing our work right time. It is a sign of honesty and sincerity on the part of a person. It is the mark of a gentleman. This is a necessity for men in business. Punctuality keeps man in readiness to do every work.

Habit is the second nature of man. So we should make good habits in our life from the very beginning. A habit, good or bad once formed cannot be broken throughout life. However, it is good for man to form good habits. Punctuality is a good habit. It is such a healthy habit that it can make a fortune for a man. This is the mark of civilization and culture. It has been rightly called “the soul of business.”

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Unpunctuality is a very bad habit. It is difficult to get out of it if we have once got into it. It is also considered to be akin to rudeness. In reality, unpunctuality marks the rudeness of the latecomers or late doers. The rude persons show their rudeness and harshness by being late. They sometimes do so deliberately. But soon it becomes the constant habit of the persons and they cut a sorry figure in every affair of their lives. So it is obvious that an unpunctual person is a nuisance to society. He causes great inconvenience and discomfort to others by keeping them waiting. People have no confidence in him.

A punctual man always succeeds in his attempt and work. A punctual man gets many golden opportunities to make his fortune because he is always ready. “Time and tide wait for no man” goes the proverb. So a punctual man always gains, whereas an unpunctual person is always the loser. Thus, it is clear that much of our success in life depends upon our being punctual in our undertaking and appointments. Hence, there is a necessity to steadfastly cultivate this habit of punctuality in our life. This solitary virtue is enough to lead us to our goal of success in life.

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