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Merits and Demerits of Examinations – Essay Writing

Sometimes we feel that examinations are useless. They serve no purpose. They are more a lottery than a test of real merit. The feeling that students will be tested at the end of the academic session kills the joy of reading. The teacher will always have his eyes on the examination and his teaching becomes a kind of coaching students for a pass. Students also start committing their lessons to memory. They think that cramming will help them through the examination. Students depends more upon memory and preparations of answers to question than upon acquiring knowledge.

Sometimes examiners are men of moods. The making of answer papers is subjective. The way one examiner examines the answer paper differs from the way another examiner does it. So, the system does not make for sound education.

Examinations are competitive tests in which students tries to surpass their rival. This rivalry ends into selfish competition. Rich students take the help of tutors. Thus, students become selfish and narrow-minded. Knowledge is not the end of studies in such an atmosphere.

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But examinations have their importance also. It is the fear of the examination that keeps students reading their books. If not, they might waste their time. Thus examinations serve the purpose of compelling students to read their books.

Greater importance should be attached to class examinations. There should be records of class-work and they may decide about the merit of a student.
The number of examinations should be decreased to lessen the burden of students. Thus the system of present-day examinations may be improved.

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