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There is some sort of discipline all over the world. There is an order in the movement of the sun and the moon. It would lead to a great disturbance if they go wrong. Some students do not know the value of discipline. They act in their own way. Indiscipline among students has become a social problem.

Indiscipline is a dangerous disease. The whole world of students suffers from it. Sometimes students go on strike. They take law and order into their own hands. Sometimes they travel without tickets and destroy national properties. Sometimes they use unfair means in their examinations. Coping from books in the examination hall seems to be their right. Some of them sing vulgar songs and tease girl students. Some of them come to their classes late and go away without their teacher’s permission.

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Schools and colleges are overcrowded. All students do not get individual attention. Thus they feel neglected. Then they indulge in anti-social work. There is no close relationship between teachers and students. Some political parties mislead the young blood. They misuse the students to serve their own purposes. There is no proper arrangement for hostels. So, students do not live in direct control of their teachers. It is not easy to check indiscipline among students by force or through lectures.

But we must first solve the problems of students. The size of the class should not be too big. Good and effective teaching is possible only in small classes. Again there must be some close contact between teachers and students. Schools and colleges must be kept above party politics. There must be a sufficient number of hostels for students to live in. Proper arrangements for games and sports should be made. Debates, discussions, Kavi Simelane and cultural programmes may be very helpful in solving the problem.

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