Duties and Responsibilities of a Student Essay | Paragraph on Duties of a Student

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A student has certain duties and responsibilities. He must study hard and should be sincere to himself as a student. He must have a sense of devotion to his work.

A student must obey his teachers. There are some rules in the school or college. A student must observe those rules. A student should acquire the habits of discipline. He must develop a sense of judgement too. He must have some duties towards the country. So he should take an intelligent interest in the affairs of the nation.

A student should know what is happening in the country and abroad. He should acquaint himself with facts and study national problems. A student cannot live in isolation from all these problems. He has something more to do. He has some duties towards society also. There are lots of problems in society. A student cannot shut his eyes to them. He must be prepared to undertake social responsibilities. He should try to improve his immediate environment.

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Most of the people are illiterate and they are ignorant of many things. It is the duty of a student to fight against ignorance and help people in the best possible way. He should try to improve the social backwardness of people and to develop both his mind and body. A student should also take part in games, sports, debates and discussions. He should be loyal and helpful to his friends and classmates and try to live in a neat and clean environment. A student should love and respect his elders.

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