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Dussehra is one of the most popular festivals of Hindus. All Hindus whether rich or poor, high caste or lower caste celebrate this festival. This festival has a past history. Shree Ram Chandraji invaded Lanka. He killed the demon king Ravan on this day and gained victory over him. The people held a festival to celebrate his victory. This festival has come down since then.

This festival is celebrated in all over India. But it is the chief festival of the Bengalees. They worship goddess Durga. The festival begins from the first day of the bright fortnight of Ashwin. The worship of Durga goes on for nine days and it is concluded on the tenth day. Many devout Hindus observe fast while some live on fruit diet. They chant Mantras or read out some holy books.

The image of Durga is made of clay. It is installed at a central place. The image is beautifully painted and decorated with coloured clothes and ornaments. The image is worshipped with mantras. Flowers and fruits are offered to the goddess. On the tenth day, the image is taken out and is immersed in a pond or a river. Thus, the festival comes to an end.

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It is a festival which declares the victory of truth over falsehood, of virtue over vice and of right over wrong. Ram, who was the symbol of truth and virtue, killed Ravan, who was the symbol of evil and injustice. Such festivals have a national value. If a nation is crushed by a tyrant, it can turn to such festivals for light and inspiration. Sometimes, man loses faith in the victory of truth, but a festival like Dussehra can revive his faith and can keep him up.

The shop-keepers during the festival days have a good sale of their wares. Every man puts on new clothes if his fund permits. Therefore, new clothes are in great demand. Children must have toys. You go to a toyshop, you will find a troop of eager children purchasing the toys. Some of them are blowing their whistle merrily. The confectioners also have a busy trade. Children are fond of sweets and they request their parents for sweets.

A wrestling bout is also held in the fair. There is a big crowd round the arena. Two wrestlers fight out Combat and people are eager for the result. When the bout is over, there is a thunder of Shouts cheers. Parties of singers and dancers also show their arts. There is also a big crowd of people round them. In short, people are joyful. They enjoy the festival as much as they can. At least for sometime their heart is light and carefree.

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