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Student life is the golden period of life. It is a time of character-building. An ideal student has to follow a set pattern in life. He has to be very responsive to his duties and acquire healthy habits and tastes during this stage. So an ideal student is he who is a sincere student and has all the virtues of a good student. Ravi is a student of my school who has all the requisites of a good student. He is, in a sense, an ideal student. Ravi is ideal in many ways. He is sincere, regular and punctual in his work. Ravi obeys his parents and teachers. He is always regular and prompt in his duties. He pays proper attention to his studies and strictly follows his daily routine.

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He gets up early in the morning. After finishing his morning duties, he goes out for a walk. After the walk, he takes his breakfast. Then, he studies for a few hours in the morning. After that, he takes a meal and goes to school. He is very punctual and does his lesson regularly. After school is over, he returns home and takes light refreshment. Then he goes to the playground and takes part in games. In the evening, he reads for three hours. After that, he takes his supper and goes to bed.

Ravi is well mannered. He leads a very simple life. He is very neat and tidy. Ravi washes his clothes and sweeps his room with his own hands and always keeps his things in their proper places. His books are always arranged. His table is always clean. He himself is very smart. He is a very charming boy and behaves gently with all. Ravi is a very intelligent, all-rounder and always stands the first position in his class. He is not a bookworm. He takes part in other activities too like drama, dance, music etc. Ravi also writes fine articles in Hindi as well as in English for the school magazines.

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He is very kind. Ravi helps other students whenever they are in need. He never laughs at the poor and makes fun of other students. Only an ideal student can make a nation strong. He also renders services to the poor and teaches the poor boys of the villages every Sunday. Ravi organises night school during long vacations and teaches the illiterate adults of the village. He has a passion for social work. All these have made him the most popular figure in the school. He is loved by the teachers and respected by his friends. He has won the hearts of all the people who know him. Such students are very rare in this world. Ravi not only fulfils the duties and responsibilities of a student but also of an ideal citizen of India.

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