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New things are produced every day. Markets are created for these things through advertisement. Businessmen advertise their goods in several ways. They spread a knowledge of their goods among the customers. People may feel a need for those things of which they have not heard before. Thus advertisement creates demand. A successful businessman snatches away money even from miserly customers through advertisement. Sometimes a man beats a drum to attract people. Then he tells them about his goods. Now, this method of advertisement has become old.

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Posters are pasted on walls. Handbills are distributed. The walls are painted. Big signboards are put in important places. Advertisement slides are shown in cinema halls. A good part of newspapers and magazines is full of advertisements. Different TV and Radio Channels are famous for commercial advertisements. Nowadays we can show advertisements on social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.

A good advertisement must have some qualities. Firstly, it should be based on human psychology. A thing for the ladies should be advertised in such a way as it should draw their attention and so on. Secondly, advertisements should be attractive. It must be eye-catching. Good and interesting pictures serve the purpose better. Thirdly, the advertisement must be repeated otherwise people may forget all about the goods advertised. Advertisement must be brief. The art of advertisement or publicity is fast growing in our country now. It is not possible to grow in business without advertisement.

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