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A Village Fair – Essay writing

Perhaps India is the only land in the world where a fair is held on a certain date every year in every village. Village fairs have generally Originated from some religious cause. Villagers go to the fair. and worship of gods and goddesses.
The fair lasts for several days. The fair is held in a spacious field Where there are good sanitary arrangements. The place becomes full of people. The old and the young, men and women gather there. Various kinds of articles are brought there for sale. Temporary stalls for selling various articles are Stationery goods, fancy articles, food items, metal utensils, readymade clothes, and various other things. Many kinds of entertainment are also available there.

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Village people get many opportunities for purchasing various sorts of things. They can mix with the people of the town and know their manners and customs. The villagers can sell their surplus articles at the fair. It is a source of income and entertainment for them.

A village fair gives us a lot of information about the villages and their inhabitants. We can study their needs. An immense service can be done to the country by properly organizing these fairs. The educated youths can come forward and teach the crowds of illiterate villagers and gather information from them.

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