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The dream is generally the outcome of suppressed desires. Dreams are pleasant as well as horrible. We dislike horrible dreams as they terrify us. We enjoy pleasant dreams since they make us happy. During dreams, we forget the miseries of our life. In our day to day life, we have new experiences. Our experiences become a part of our subconscious. As long as we are awake, our subconscious becomes lulled. When we are asleep, the things in the subconscious of our mind come out and take the form of a dream.

Once I had a very sweet dream. It was the month of June and our school was closed for the summer vacation. In the evening, I had played football. After the game was over, I was tired and feeling very hungry. So, I returned home. The meal was ready. My mother served me dishes and I made full justice to them. Then I sat down to read my favourite storybook. It was very hot. I felt sleepy and fell into a sweet slumber. In my sleep, I saw a very sweet dream.

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It was a moonlit night. A cool breeze was blowing gently. I was roaming here and there at random. I came across a beautiful forest. A stream was flowing through the forest. There was a good grassy land nearby. Different kinds of beautiful flowers were blooming there. They were giving out a sweet smell and making the air fragrant. They attracted me and I moved towards that grassy spot. I went there and sat down to take a rest. Soon, I saw a beautiful light and heard a melodious song. The fairies were dancing and singing with their queen in the forest. They were coming to the same spot. As soon as they came, they encircled me. I was somewhat afraid.

But the queen looked very affectionately at me. I gathered courage and looked at her. We peeped into each other’s hearts through eyes. We fell in love with each other. She drew near me and sat by me. She took my hand in hers and talked with me very sweetly about many interesting things. Then she offered me sweets and sweet drinks from their world. I was greatly refreshed and enchanted. She patted my head and began to sing with my head in her lap. My joy knew no bounds. I cannot express what heavenly pleasure I was getting. It reached the climax when the queen put a proposal for marriage.

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I received the proposal with a mixed feeling. The queen of the fairies was one of the most beautiful ladies I had ever seen in my life. While could not but be happy with the idea of marrying such a beautiful girl, I was sorry for my own condition. I expressed my inability on the ground of my poverty to the fairy. But before I completed it, she showered thousands of thousand-rupee notes and costly dresses. She dressed me beautifully and forbade me to think myself poor. I was beside myself with joy and accepted her proposal. Then the celebration of the marriage began.

Thousands of fairies began singing sweetly in chorus. I was the hero of the ceremony. The marriage was performed at last. It is strange to think that it had been performed according to the Vedic system by my own priest. How did the priest go there was a mystery. But he was there and he blew the conch after the completion of the function and many people of my family rushed to bestow blessings. There was such a rush that a boy came upon me and I was aroused. I was extremely sorry to find myself in the bed in my room. Suddenly everything had vanished. The dream was gone forever and gone was the pleasure of dream of the little paradise.

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The dream was lost. It appeared like a fantasy of my mind. It was an illusion. But the sweet memory of it is still vivid. It has become a part of my personality. In gloomy hours of life, it fills me with a sweet sensation. I forget the hard and painful realities of life. I forget for a moment that life is a bed of thorns. This momentary pleasure appears to be most precious. I wish I had sweet dreams forever.

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