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Last year my school was closed during Christmas vacation. Some of my friends decided to have a picnic on the bank of the Ganges which is hardly three miles away from my school. One evening some of us were sitting together and were enjoying a merry chit-chat. The idea of a picnic flashed in my mind all of a sudden. I spoke of it to my friends who readily accepted the happy proposal. I made all necessary arrangements at night. We set out on foot to the river bank the next morning. We were twenty in number. Our mess servant, Sonu, was with us. He took a few cooking pots and some foodstuffs with him.

The weather was fair. The sunshine was soothing. All my friends talked away time merrily on the way and did not feel tired in the least. We reached the river bank at eight in the morning. We all were as fresh and full of merry spirits as before. At first, we put off our clothes and had a dip in the clear water of the river. The river was not deep and its water was a bit cold. We did not mind it. Some of us did not like to have a bath in the cold water. But they were dragged into the water by force. After the bath, we basked in the sun. How soothing it is to bask in the sun after a good bath!

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Now it was 10 o’clock. We were hungry and had taken something for breakfast. We all shared it with each other. Then we began to cook some light food. But we had no fuel. There were some bushes nearby. We went out and brought some dry twigs from there. The fire was lighted. We put together some clods of earth and put the cooking pot on it.

Most of us gave out our choice for Khichari. I knew how to cook a good dish. So I turned into a cook and began to prepare Khichari. Sonu was wise enough. He had brought some potatoes which were boiled and made into chokha. A friend had brought some pickles. There was enough ghee with us. There were hamlets of milkmen nearby. One of us ran and brought some curd. Now there was a royal dish ready for us. But there were some plantain trees at a little distance. The problem was easily solved. Its broad leaves served us as plates. All of us sat down in a row. The leafy plates were placed before all. Now Khichari and other items of the dish were served out. We had a hearty meal. It tasted very nice.

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After the meal was over, we took a little rest on the blankets which Sonu had brought for us. Now we sat together and began to amuse ourselves. Our friend Rohan is a funny fellow. He can imitate the cries of birds and animals. He began to make various cries. But the cat-call was really very funny. We had a hearty laugh. Then came Salim’s turn. He had his flute with him. He played some very sweet tunes on it. Other friends displayed various tricks.

When my turn came, I was in a fix. I told a story and thus got rid of the task. We were in a holiday mood. We cried and hooted, sang and danced. Now and then we poked Sourav who is a shy boy. Now it was the time to return. We walked back as fast as we could. We reached the school hostel before sunset. Thus, we enjoyed the picnic nicely.

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