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Summers in our country, India is extremely hot. Days in summer are long whereas nights are short. The day begins early. The early hours of the morning give people a lot of freshness. But soon after the sun rises, it becomes very hot. From about 10 a.m., the summer wind (‘loo’) begins to blow. The wind is extremely hot. The strong sun adds to its fury. There is a great demand for cold drinks and ice-creams on a summer day.

Schools and colleges are held in the morning. Most of the offices are also held in the morning. At noon, the heat reaches its peak. The rays of the sun cause sunstrokes. People become thirsty frequently in summer. The noon of a summer day brings restlessness and discomforts. Children do not like to stay in the house even at noon. But their parents force them to stay inside.

In the evening, the heat of the sun comparatively decreases. Even then, the sun appears like a huge ball of fire. During the evening, people come out of their houses. The moment it is evening, children get out to play in the playground.

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At night, it is not always possible to sleep well. Air conditioners and coolers become a great necessity for humans in summers. At times, there are power cuts which make it very difficult to sleep at night.

Morning is the only time when a man can do something. He often spends a sleepless night, so he feels lazy and sleepy even in the morning. But a day in summer is good in the sense that we do not need heavy clothes to put on.

Summers in our country, India is extremely hot. There is a great demand for cold drinks and ice-creams.

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