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A Letter to Your Father Explaining Why You Have Not Done Well in the Term at School


Saffron public school
Ashoka Enclave
sector 85
December 15, 2022

Dear Papa,

I hope you and Mumma are in good health. How is Rani? She must be enjoying her winter break now. Here, at school, we have been busy with our first term examination and our Inter-House play competition before that.

Well, the results of the exams were given out yesterday and I’m afraid. I haven’t done as well as I had expected. In fact, there has been a noticeable slide in Mathematics and Hindi. Papa, I am sorry about the disappointing results, but prior to the exams, we were kept extremely busy with our play competition. I was in charge of the Play practice, props, direction and other details and all this left me with little time to study. But I assure you that in this term l will not be negligent of my studies and will work hard to make up for the present disappointment. I am sure you have confidence in your son’s resolve.

Give my love to Mumma and Rani. Tell them I missed them all.

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Your loving son

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