A Formal Letter to the Councillor about the broken Roads in your Locality.

Welcome to thelearners.online. Today, we have provided a formal complaint letter to the Councillor Complaining about the broken Roads in your Locality. I hope that this letter helps you in your school examinations.

Question(Q): Write a letter to the Councillor Complaining about the broken Roads in your Locality.

Answer :

House no.86
I.P colony, Delhi
22 January 2022
The Councillor
Municipal Corporation of Delhi
Ward No.7

Subject – Complaints about the broken roads.

Respected Sir,

I wish to draw your attention towards the broken roads in our locality. The roads in our locality are broken and bumpy causing a lot of inconvenience to the residents. Many complaints have been lodged earlier also but no heed was paid to them. The residents have been facing problems for a long time.

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The vehicles moving on the roads face severe damage. Their engines and shockers break down and the tyres get heated up due to excessive friction. The broken roads, potholes, pits and ditches become breeding grounds for the harmful insects due to water stagnation in them. This causes diseases like malaria, influenza and dengue. The bumpy roads are a great hindrance and cause traffic jams frequently. The roads are very unsafe and are accident-prone.

Even after these roads had been repaired, they break again due to poor quality construction material used to repair them. If good quality material is used, the roads can be maintained for many years. I would also like to suggest the construction of cemented roads with rainwater disposal on their sides. The water collected can be used for rainwater harvesting.

I hope the authorities will look into the matter and will resolve our complaints at the earliest.

your sincerely
I hope that this short formal complaint letter to the councillor would have helped you.

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